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Polygraph Examine - The Process

The Polygraph Examiner receives all the necessary background information from the client that is relevant to the examination. This background information assists the Polygraph Examiner in building preliminary questions prior to and during the test.
The Polygraph Examiner will authenticate the identity of the test subject sitting in from of him or her.

The Polygraph Examination will be conducted in a sealed room void of any outside noise or any other outside stimuli that can interfere with the test.

The Polygraph Examiner will conduct a preliminary conversation with the test subject designed to verify the mental health of the subject and identify if the test subject is suitably qualified to undergo the Polygraph Examination.

The Polygraph Examiner will ask the test subject to present his or her version of the incident that brought them to the point of undergoing a Polygraph Examination. At this point, the test subject may confess his or her involvement in the incident; consequently, saving the time of performing the actual Polygraph Examination.

At this time, the Polygraph Examiner will formulate the questions to be asked during the actual test along with the test subject.
The questions are to be simple, clear, and short as possible.
The questions will be asked in the test subject's native language.
Questions that the test subject refuses to answer are not to be asked during the actual examination.
Questions that are unclear and vague will not be asked.
Questions relating to intention, future events or feeling will not be asked.
The Polygraph Examiners at Abir Global Security Services believe that the question building phase is one of the most important aspects of the Polygraph Examination; therefore, the preliminary interview with the test subject assists the Examiner the most. These questions are to be answered by the examinee with a yes or no only.
At this point, the test subject is connected to the Polygraph Machine.
The test subject will sign a form authorizing the questions to be asked and explain all the legal aspects pertaining to the polygraph examination.
The duration of the examination is approximately one hour, depending on the test subject's cooperation.

Subsequent to the examination, the Polygraph Examiner will analyze the "charts" provided by the Polygraph Machine and summarize the results in a detailed report for the client.
The report with the results will be submitted to the client for their review.