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Polygraph Testimony in Criminal Cases - Stanley M. Slowik

There are two general situations today where examiners might find themselves testifying about examinations they or others have conducted in criminal cases: as an expert witness and/or as the examiner of record. As is the case for other professions (medicine, engineering, etc.) expert testimony tends to be offered by academics while results from specific cases tend to come from current practitioners.

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Monte Carlo Study of Criterion Validity of Backster You-Phase Examinations - Raymond Nelson

Monte Carlo methods were used to calculate a dimensional profile of criterion accuracy for PDD examinations conducted with the Backster You-Phase technique. Results show that decisions based on Backster You-Phase exams can be expected to discriminate deception from truth-telling at rates that are significantly greater than chance. Recommended cutscores for decisions based on two-charts outperformed results from decisions based on recommended cutscores for decisions based on three charts. Recommendations are made for future research regarding normative data, cutscores, and decision rules.

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Model Policy for the Evaluation of Examinee Suitability for Polygraph Testing

Validity of Polygraph Techniques and Recent Research on Decision-Making Procedures - David C. Raskin, Ph.D.