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About Us

EN flagWe, the IPEO, Israeli Polygraph Experts Organization, would like to invite you to
join us!

The IPEO strives to provide a home to all Polygraph Experts where ever they may be. Our goal is to promote Polygraph and unite all Polygraph Examiners. Provide mankind with a valid and reliable means to verify the truth of the matter asserted by:

  1. Serving the cause of truth with integrity, objectivity and fairness to all.
  2. Encouraging and supporting research, training and education to benefit members of the Organization as well as those who support its purpose and by providing a forum for the presentation and exchange of information derived from such research, training and education.
  3. Establishing and enforcing standards for admission to membership and continued membership in the Organization.
  4. Governing the conduct of members of the Organization by requiring adherence to a Code of Ethics and a set of Standards of Practice.