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Nothing but the Truth!

IPEO, Israeli Polygraph Experts Organization is a professional Organization for those who practice and have a professional interest in the subject of Polygraph around the world.

The IPEO assists its member to follow the goals of the organization and achieve a high level of professionalism with the strictest code of ethics.
The organization strives to promote its members' development via continuous study, research and professional cooperation.

The IPEO provides a suitable and reliable way to get to the truth.

Code of Ethics

Rights of Examinees
A member shall respect the rights and dignity of all persons to whom they administer polygraph examinations.


Standards of Practice

Statement of Purpose
A polygraph examination, properly administered by a well trained and competent polygraph examiner using a valid testing and analysis protocol



The name of this organization shall be the "Israeli Polygraph Experts Organization" (IPEO).




Can people beat a Polygraph?

The most popular question people ask is whether one can cheat a polygraph test.
The answer is: NO!

If so, many people would ask how is it possible that in some cases the test was wrong. 

The answer is that the polygraph wasn't incorrect, rather the results may have been falsely understood by the polygraph examiner.


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Polygraph Testing

Since the beginning of time humans have been endeavouring to find a way to identify truth from falsehood.
The various methods over history include the Bedouin Bisha'a ritual, the Chinese "Rice Ceremony" and the Egyptian "Method of the Thumb".


Polygraph Examine - The Process

The Polygraph Examiner receives all the necessary background information from the client that is relevant to the examination. This background information assists the Polygraph Examiner in building preliminary questions prior to and during the test.


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